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Taking on the World, One City at a Time

Hi, we’re Jeanne and Josh and we’re here to help you live your best life! We’ll still be sharing tips for travel anxiety, but in light of all that’s happened in our world, our focus will be changing. Our new goal is to help you travel and/or move abroad with confidence. We’re so excited to go on this adventure with you! 

We’ve lived across Canada and the United States. Along the way, we learned a lot about relocating as a family. Now, we’re planning a move to Asia (as soon as the pandemic is under control!). As we go through the steps, we will be sharing everything we learn about moving overseas. We hope you’ll follow our expat journey!

Recent Adventures

Overcoming travel anxiety to see the world has been amazing. Our travels have come to a halt, however, due to the current pandemic. Here’s a look at some of the most recent trips we took before the world was grounded!

United States
New York, NY

United States
El Paso, TX

United States
Silvies Valley, OR