Lift hill on Flight of the Hippogriff at Universal Florida
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How Scary Is Flight of the Hippogriff?

We love the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Maybe that’s why we’ve visited the attraction at Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Universal Studios Japan! As a family of eight with small children, though, we want to know about rides before getting on them. That’s why we researched “how scary is Flight of the Hippogriff?” for ourselves before going (they don’t call us the anxious travelers for nothing!). After never finding a satisfying description of the ride, we thought we’d share some tips that might actually be helpful. 

Flight of the Hippogriff at Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Where is the Flight of the Hippogriff ride? Here are the opening dates at the different Universal Parks around the world:

  • Orlando in 2010
  • Japan in 2014
  • Hollywood in 2016
  • Beijing (planned for May 2021)

It’s located towards the rear of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter near Hogwarts Castle. 

Is Flight of the Hippogriff a Roller Coaster?

Yes, this ride is considered a junior roller coaster or “kiddie coaster.” Here are some ride specs for the Flight of the Hippogriff:

  • Length: 1,099.1 ft (335.0 m)
  • Height: 42.7 ft (13.0 m)
  • Duration: 1 minute, 6 seconds
  • Speed: 28.5 mph (45.9 km/h)
  • Inversions: 0
  • Ride Height Requirement: 36 in (91 cm)
  • Trains: Each row seats two riders. There are two trains with eight cars (16 riders per train)

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Queue Area

You’ll be outside as you queue for Flight of the Hippogriff and the theming is pretty minimal, but you will pass Hagrid’s Hut and the Forest. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • There is a little pouch in the train car where you can keep belongings, so you won’t need to use a locker. 

The wait for this ride varies a lot. There have been times when we literally just walked on, and other times we waited for a while. It’s a fun ride, but if the wait is more than 30 minutes, you might not think it’s worth it. 

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Seat & Restraints

The cars on this ride look like hippogriffs, which kids may find really cute. The restraint is a simple bar that is pulled down over riders’ laps. 

What is Scary About Flight of the Hippogriff?

Unless you’re really scared of rides, you should be fine on Flight of the Hippogriff. It’s a very smooth, short, and tame ride that’s perfect for a kids’ first roller coaster experience. 

Best Things About Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

The lift hill is right next to Hogwarts Castle, so it’s really cool to look at it as you climb! My favorite part is being on this with my smaller kids (the youngest was three when he rode). They loved it! 

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