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In late October/early November, Boise celebrates Restaurant Week. The goal is to allow the public to taste, sip, and sample our way through a variety of creations crafted by the city’s very talented local chefs. By creating special menus at a lower price point, diners are able to check out new restaurants at a fraction of the cost.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Boise, Idaho

When we saw Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Boise was participating, we jumped at the opportunity. We’ve both been to other locations (me with my ex and Josh with his family), but never together. In all honesty, it’s just a little out of our price range right now. Still, we both really love the food so we were excited to see a menu offered at $30 per person!

We got all dressed up for our night out, using it as a belated birthday meal for Josh. It was so much fun to see each other out of our pajamas or workout clothes for a change!

What We Ordered

As part of Restaurant Week, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Boise came up with a three-course meal, providing two options for each course, as well as a side dish. Josh and I ended up choosing the exact same meal:

  • First Course: Caesar Salad
  • Second Course: 6oz. Beef Tenderloin
  • Side Dish: Mashed Idaho Potatoes
  • Third Course: Chocolate Sin Cake

Our Caesar salads were really great and set the tone for a wonderful meal. The Romaine was fresh and crisp, the house-made dressing was creamy, and the amount of Parmesan was perfectly balanced. It was fantastic with the fresh, warm complementary bread.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Boise, Idaho Birthday

The 6oz Beef Tenderloin was out of this world! Expectations were high and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Boise did not disappoint. It was incredibly tender, crusted with peppercorns, and served au poivre style with fried onion straws as garnish. Delicious mashed potatoes, which I scooped out one mouthful at a time to take advantage of the warming plate, had just a hint of roasted garlic and created an incredible flavor profile.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Boise, Idaho

Flourless but absolutely decadent, our dessert choice of Chocolate Sin Cake was perfect. There was a delicious drizzle of raspberry along with a hint of espresso. It was the perfect way to end a truly magnificent and memorable meal.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Boise, Idaho Birthday