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The Ritz-Carlton Toronto: Luxury Hotel Review

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When we trekked to Toronto to ride the Yukon Striker at Canada’s Wonderland, we struggled to decide choose a hotel. It’s been a long time since I’d been to the city, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. We wanted to be comfortable and close to downtown, so we knew that staying at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto would likely give us everything we needed. Not surprisingly, it more than exceeded our expectations! This was the perfect place to recover from thrill seeking and travel anxiety. If you’ll be in Canada‘s largest metropolis and want to know where to stay, look no further!

The Location

Toronto is a large, busy city, so it’s important to choose the location of your hotel wisely. The Ritz-Carlton Toronto is right in the middle of the downtown core, and offers incredible views of the CN Tower. Many restaurants, from casual dining at Boston Pizza to more upscale fare at Moxie’s, are within walking distance. You’ll also find shops, train stations and two sporting arenas. 

Jeanne and Josh CN Tower Toronto

The hotel offers valet service, which we were extremely grateful for after two flights and a long drive. In fact, we had spent the morning at Canada’s Wonderland, where we rode the world record-breaking Yukon Striker roller coaster. It was less than an hour’s drive from The Ritz-Carlton Toronto, which is great for thrill-seeking guests! 

Beautiful Lobby, Incredible Service

The lobby of The Ritz-Carlton Toronto is stunning. Your eyes will immediately move up to the high ceilings before moving down to the gleaming, light-colored flooring where you’ll find maple leaves along your path. Adding to the subtle nod to Canadiana is the homegrown art adorning the walls throughout the property. 

On the lobby level, you’ll find The Ritz Bar which is perfect for a quick drink after a long day of exploring the city or you can head to the DEQ Terrace and Lounge where you can gather for a meal and watch a game. The upscale, elegant Toca Italian restaurant is located on the second floor. 

Of course, the service you’ll receive is unparalleled. We left our rental car with the valet and the front desk greeted us by name. They were awaiting our arrival and had our room ready and waiting. This was huge for us since we both have travel anxiety about checking into hotels. There’s always a problem, it seems! Fortunately, The Ritz-Carlton Toronto provided our best check-in experience ever! 

Guest Room

We stayed in a Club Level Deluxe King Room room on the 18th floor of The Ritz-Carlton Toronto. The room was recently renovated and incredibly well-maintained. Every day, a few rooms are blocked off to perform regular, ongoing maintenance. This preventative measure is better than waiting to fix something after it’s broken! That’s the kind of attention to detail you’ll find at a Ritz-Carlton. We barely had a need for our Ultimate Guide to Hotel Stays for Germaphobes. It felt that clean!

The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

Our room was spacious and provided ample storage for our belongings and the souvenirs we had accumulated throughout the day. We loved the large sofa and coffee table in addition to the armchair. This comfy setting allowed us to curl up and watch television together without having to be in the bed. 

The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

The bathroom was beautiful. In addition to a soaker tub, we had a glass-enclosed shower with the toilet in it’s own private area. The double sink allowed us to both get cleaned up at the same time. Additionally, the toiletries they provided were high quality and smelled amazing. Heading to the bathroom overnight? A motion-activated light underneath the sink will illuminate the way without you having to flip a switch!

Club Lounge

The Club Lounge is located on the 20th floor of The Ritz-Carlton Toronto and requires room key to access through the elevator. This is not available to all guests, however; you must be staying in a Club Level room to gain entry. If you want to bring someone who is not staying with you at the hotel, you will need to pay an additional fee. 

The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

Bright and roomy, The Club Lounge offers table seating and armchairs located along the length of the room where floor-to-ceiling provide breathtaking views of the city. One nook also includes a sofa, fireplace and large television, which is exactly where we were sitting to watch the Toronto Raptors win the NBA Championship. 

The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

Throughout the day, meals, hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and desserts are available to guests who have Club Lounge access. Served buffet style, it was a bit of a challenge for me with travel anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Due to my fear of germophobia, I avoided certain dishes and waited for the attendants to bring out fresh, untouched items. What we did sample was delicious. This is a perfect option for those days when you’d rather stay inside the hotel. With such a wide variety of foods, you’re bound to find something you like. It will save you from spending time and money at a restaurant! 

Great Amenities

While we didn’t have time to visit the spa or pool, we did take a moment to check them out. The pool is really lovely and features a jacuzzi tub. Spa My Blend by Clarins began in Paris, and the location in The Ritz-Carlton Toronto is the only one of its kind in the Americas. Located on the same floor as the gym and pool, it overlooks the downtown skyline. If you are weary from a long flight, a day of exploring, or travel anxiety, this is what you need! We saw many blissful faces leaving the spa having taken in the wide array of offerings that include a Champagne Nail Bar, experience showers, an aroma-infused vitality pool and more!

Several workout spaces were located just down the hall from the spa, and featured a variety weight machines, cardio equipment, free weights, and space for yoga and stretching. The valet desk in the lobby even offered running maps, cool towels and water for people hitting the streets for a run! If we’d had more time, Josh would have definitely made use of that!

Fantastic Stay in Downtown Toronto

There are many incredible things to see and do in Toronto and the multicultural city has some of the best food in Canada. The traffic can be frustrating, however, which is why having a great homebase while you’re staying in the area can make such a difference. Checking out a new city really can spark our travel anxiety, but we really had a fantastic stay. 

The Ritz-Carlton Toronto is right in the heart of the city, giving you access to everything in the downtown core. Pedestrian-friendly, you’ll have a great time exploring on foot or on a bicycle. If you’d rather drive, the hotel’s valet will bring your car around and offer directions and suggestions. Of course, you can also use the car service like we did after a particularly exhausting day of touring the city (it was worth it!). 

Traveling can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re visiting a new destination. On those types of trips, we like to go with names we can trust because your accommodations can truly make or break a vacation. This was our first time staying at a Ritz-Carlton property and we hope it won’t be our last. If you’re visiting the Greater Toronto Area, there is no better place to stay!


The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

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