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The Mohicans Treehouses & Cabins: Get Romantic in Ohio

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We’d never heard of The Mohicans Treehouses & Cabins before being invited to stay, but we’re sure glad we did. With a trip already in the works to nearby Cedar Point, it seemed like the Universe put this plan together. 

To be honest, with my travel anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), I wasn’t sure how to feel. On the one hand, it seemed like an exciting adventure. On the other, I wondered if germs and spiders were lurking in every corner. So, what happened? Read out review of The Mohicans Treehouses & Cabins to find out! 

The Location

You’ll find The Mohicans Treehouses and Cabins in Glenmont, Ohio, just a couple hours south of Columbus (don’t miss Mikey’s Late Night Slice for great pizza!). The drive is absolutely beautiful in summer! We can only imagine how picturesque it is in the winter.  Maybe, we’ll go back around Christmastime! 

The Mohicans

After driving on a dirt road, you’ll see a sign for The Mohicans Treehouses & Cabins. We stayed in the El Castillo treehouse which was at the third entrance, if we remember correctly! You won’t have WiFi out there, so keep that in mind. We did discover restaurants and shopping about 20 minutes away in Loudonville, though!

First Impressions

We were awestruck when we pulled up to our treehouse! We could see a few other cabins through the trees, but it we definitely had privacy. Surrounded by greenery, El Castillo stood tall and we excitedly ran up the steps and across the bridge to get to the front door. 

The Mohicans

We opened the door with a keypad, and were so surprised by what we saw inside. The treehouse was so spacious and beautifully decorated. Despite the fact that I’m no fan of spiders (or the woods), it was very welcoming. We found ourselves wishing we had a couple more days planned! The space was also used efficiently, and in the main room we had everything we needed. 

The Mohicans

A couch sat in front of a huge window with a small table and chairs across from it. There was a kitchenette, as well as a mini fridge and microwave. It felt like home immediately — we didn’t want to leave! 

What we really loved was how the massive windows went from floor to ceiling. You could really take advantage of natural light and then see the stars in the sky at night. Of course, you can also pull the curtains which is exactly what we did before we went to bed 🙂


If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that flooring can be a big deal to a germophobe. In fact, hotel flooring is one of the biggest triggers for my travel anxiety and OCD (read our Ultimate Guide to Hotel Stays). As you can imagine, the properties at The Mohicans Treehouses & Cabins all feature wood flooring. Better still, guests are encouraged to take their shoes off! 

The Mohicans Treehouses & Cabins

The floors seemed pretty clean, even to my skeptical eye. We were comfortable walking around El Castillo, even up the spiral staircase. Adding the little white lights was a magnificent touch! 


It’s hard for me to trust bedding at hotels, so staying in a treehouse was even more intimidating. There’s no on-site laundry facilities which means that linens must be handled somewhere else. A year ago, I would not have been able to attempt this, but I pushed it out of my mind. 

The Mohicans

Fortunately, the bedding at The Mohicans Treehouses & Cabins was soft and smelled fresh. The bed itself looked so magical. There was no way I was going to let my anxiety ruin the experience. Did I bring my Lysol spray and Clorox wipes? Yep! And then we snuggled in together for the night! 


Normally, I talk about a hotel’s soundproofing when I review it, but that doesn’t really apply to The Mohicans Treehouses & Cabins. You’re in the middle of nowhere! It’s worth noting, though that the treehouse itself did move and creak a bit during the night, especially when the wind picked up. 

The Mohicans

Aside from that, all we heard was nature sounds and the occasional peep from a neighboring treehouse. It was extremely quiet and peaceful. 


You won’t find a vending machine or gift shop at The Mohicans Treehouses & Cabins. We did discover a fire pit, charcoal grill, and a swing! Yes, a swing for two was hanging under El Castillo and we made full use of it! 

The Mohicans

If we ever go back, we’ll definitely go prepared with some hot dogs and supplies for s’mores. Maybe we’d have a movie downloaded to watch, too. We definitely didn’t get bored, but we could have prepared better to make the most of our time! 

Overall Grade

We’d give The Mohicans Treehouses & Cabins a solid overall grade of A! It’s a wonderfully unique experience and a great opportunity to unplug. You could go on a solo adventure, couple’s getaway or plan a trip with friends. Getting married? Book the Grand Barn Wedding Venue! 

The Mohicans

A few moments aside (like having the spider on me in the bathroom), our travel anxiety really dissipated once we settled in. Plus, it was fantastic to let the rest of the world slip away and focus on just ourselves. We highly recommend The Mohicans Treehouses & Cabins!

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