Mikey's Late Night Slice exterior downtown Columbus

Mikey’s Late Night Slice: Great Pizza in Downtown Columbus

During our trip to Ohio to visit Cedar Point and The Mohicans, we knew we’d be landing late in Columbus. Neither of us had ever been to the area, so we had to ask for suggestions. Overwhelmingly, people seemed to believe that our first meal in the Buckeye State should be at Mikey’s Late Night Slice. Neither of us are particularly big on pizza, but people insisted we go.

Mikey’s Late Night Slice is a fantastic pizza restaurant that offers an inclusive, fun atmosphere. You will find different varieties of pizza, a full bar, and even a pool table. There are locations throughout the Columbus, Ohio area.

Travel anxiety always makes it a little scary to try a new restaurant. Even though a part of me was reluctant, we’d heard such great things that we couldn’t resist! We weren’t sure what to expect, but we can say that it was much more that either of us imagined. 

First Impressions

We found the location on 4th and Main downtown pretty easily. We drove straight from the Columbus airport (CMH) and it took around 10 minutes. Super simple! There was ample parking on the sidewalk, and we felt safe in the neighborhood. It kind of had a hipster thing going on that we weren’t expecting to find in Ohio!

We were immediately impressed by the signage and exterior of Mikey’s Late Night Slice. It was bright and welcoming, which was perfect after a long day of traveling. That airport food is way too expensive and unfulfilling, so I’m glad we saved our appetites! 

Mikey's Late Night Slice

Inside the restaurant, the mood and decor was warm. The people working behind the counter greeted us right away, and I could feel my tension subside. It’s hard for me to go with the flow sometimes, but the atmosphere made it much easier. 

It was immediately clear that Mikey’s Late Night Slice is a well-maintained business, with a cool vibe and an LGBT-friendly atmosphere. It made me feel welcome, and that doesn’t happen too often. Still, we kept our guards up because first impressions aren’t everything. 

Menu Selection

The menu at Mikey’s Late Night Slice is what you’d expect at a pizzeria, but with much cooler names. Josh takes a notoriously long time to order, which causes us both anxiety, but the crew at Mikey’s were really cool about it. In fact, they might have been a bit more patient than me that night (I was hungry)!

In the end, we got an order of garlic bread sticks to share along with a slice of Italian Sausage for Josh and their “Plain-Ass Pepperoni” for me. Maybe we’re secretly 12 years old, but it just felt fun to order the “Plain-Ass Pepperoni.” I thought about getting some “Basic-Ass Salad” to go with it, but I just wanted something greasy 🙂

Mikey's Late Night Slice.JPEG

We went over to the drink fountain and condiment area and we could not stop laughing. The names of the dipping sauces were just as fantastic as they tasted (I mean, how can you go wrong with “Unicorn Sauce”?), as was the drink selection.

For a number of reasons that we won’t list today, Josh and I are both very strong supporters of the LGBTQ community, and this place put a huge smile on our faces. This type of open acceptance and welcoming of all people only made whatever was on the menu taste that much better. 

Food Handling & Service

When we go out to eat, we’re normally watching the food handling process very carefully. That’s because a lot of places fall short. You’d be surprised by some of the horrifying things we’ve seen over the years, only because we were paying attention. Not only were the Mikey’s Late Night Slice employees engaging and patient, they also took pride in their work.

Mikey's Late Night Slice

For example, employees at many restaurants wear gloves. They handle your food, then they handle money, and go back to handling food. Maybe, they even check their phones with the gloves on. Listen, just because you’re wearing gloves, doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep your hands clean!

The Mikey’s crew took our payment. Then, with clean hands they put on fresh gloves. The person handling our order had to touch something dirty, but she immediately changed her gloves before touching any food items. That’s how it’s done, folks! It was so reassuring and encouraging to see that some restaurants still care about what they are doing. My germaphobia/OCD always makes me scared of getting sick while traveling, but I felt like I was in good hands that day!

Mikey's Late Night Slice

When it was time to find a seat, we chose something towards the back near the pool table. A group was there enjoying a spirited game and it warmed my heart. It was exactly what I needed late at night before making the trek up to the Cedar Point Express Hotel in Sandusky, Ohio.

While we sat greedily eating our food, I glanced up to look at the art hanging on the wall. Above our table was a portrait of Skeletor, the infamous villain from He-Man, lounging on his belly. I’m not sure I’ve laughed so hard, so suddenly in a long time. Just look at that picture — isn’t it great?!

Overall, grabbing pizza from Mikey’s Late Night Slice was the perfect way to start our trip to the Columbus area. We’re hoping to check out the city a little more next summer, and we know we’ll definitely stop in for another great bite. Keep being awesome, Mikey’s!

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