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Easy Manifesting Techniques That Actually Work

We’re living in a pandemic. Even as the vaccines roll out, we have zero plans of traveling in the foreseeable future. Some people are already packing for their next trip and some never stopped — but until we know more, we’re staying home. While making that decision is pretty easy for us, it sometimes makes picturing the future very hard. That’s why I’ve been learning easy manifestation techniques that actually work! 

I’m sure we’re not the only ones struggling to imagine life on the other side of all this. Will COVID be a part of our lives forever? Should I consider a career change? Will relocating to a different city or country make me happier? If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to find ways of living our lives to the fullest. We never know when everything can change! 

For most of my 40+ years, it’s been pretty easy for me to follow my heart. Over the past year, though, I’ve struggled more than I ever have. How can you set goals when facing so much uncertainty? The truth is that, when life is difficult, having a dream is more important than ever. Here are some things that actually helped me keep my head up. 

Vision Board

Aside from some assignment back in school, I’ve never come up with a vision board. I’ve thought about it, but whenever I’d think about doing it, I’d psych myself out. Like too many things in life, I wondered about the “right” way to do it. After Googling for hours, I finally just made a decision to do whatever felt right for ME! Here’s what I made:

As the months have passed, my thoughts and needs have evolved and clarified. When needed, I’ve made revisions to my vision board. For the new year, I also made a few more tweaks. To me, a vision board is a living thing and it reflects the changes I’ve made and the ones I want to make. 

To make your own vision board:

  • Choose a poster board, sheets of paper taped together, or even a notebook.
  • Gather markers, tape, and glue.
  • Use magazines as inspiration.
  • If you don’t have magazines, print things out (that’s what I did!).
  • Draw pictures or write your own phrases.
  • Be honest and gentle with yourself.

Make this a moment of true self-care and empowerment. Choose a time when you won’t be rushed or interrupted, play music that inspires or energizes you, and feast on some healthy snacks. This is YOUR time!

Easy Manifestation Journal Examples

Do you enjoy writing down your thoughts at the end of the day? Is there something about putting paper to pen that motivates you? Maybe manifestating through journaling is right for you! Here are two example to help you get started!

Intention Journal

You may think about what you want in the future, but how often are you intentional with those thoughts? Do you set aside time to break down the steps you’d need to take to reach your goals? If you don’t, then you’re missing out on how to set the foundation to accomplish your dreams. Writing in an intention journal is a great manifestation technique that you can try!

Do you want to get out of debt? Write down everything you owe and create short-term and long-term goals. Check in with yourself every day to see if your actions have aligned with what you want to achieve. Not on track? Don’t beat yourself up, but hold yourself accountable. Then, set the intention for what you’ll do the next day (and the next). Step by step, you’ll get there!

Gratitude Journal

Want to attract positive energy in your life? One of the best manifestation techniques you can try is being thankful. Too often, we go through our day and take so much for granted. Even when times are tough, most of us can find the good in our lives — if we’re willing to look. 

Setting aside some time each day to write in a gratitude journal is a great way to give ourselves a boost. In fact, studies have shown the benefits of looking for the silver linings in our lives. When we’re better mentally and emotionally, we’re in a better position to take on the world!

Visualization Meditation

Another really effective manifestation technique is visualization. When you regularly picture yourself doing whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, you improve the odds that it will happen. Why? Research shows that our brains interpret those images in the same way as real-life action. This creates new neural pathways that guide our bodies to act in the ways that we’re imagining. 

We love combining this with deep meditative breathing and positive self-affirmations. You can say things like “I’m giving my all and the Universe is working with me” or “I am worthy of receiving what I desire.” Again, at least one study showed that engaging in future-oriented self-talk helps break subconscious patterns that can hold us back. 

Bedtime and Morning Routines

How we start and end our day can make a real difference. Incorporating a visualization manifestation meditation into your bedtime and morning routines can help you reach your goals. You might also feel more rested and prepared for the day. Here’s an example. 


  • Limit exposure to technology and devices in the hour before bed.
  • Set aside clothes, prepared meals, and items you’ll need the next day. 
  • Do some yoga and stretching to help your body relax.
  • Take a few minutes to reflect on your day and write in your gratitude journal. 
  • Do some deep breathing, visualization, and self-affirmations.


  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you need. 
  • Do yoga and/or stretching to gently awaken your body. 
  • Reflect and write in your intention journal, setting goals for the day.
  • Do some deep breathing, visualization, and self-affirmations.

Manifestation techniques are a wonderful way to channel your energy and reach your goals. Like anything else, though, they work best when you commit to incorporating them into your daily routine. Start small and build your way up to creating the life you deserve. You’re worth it!

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