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Why Our Favorite Korean Snack Box is Seoulbox (Review)

In November 2019, our family was busy planning travel for the year ahead. We were so excited to book a trip to Japan and South Korea for August 2020 — and then the pandemic happened. We were so disappointed to cancel our flights, but a few days later an unexpected package arrived at our door. It was a Seoulbox! We had never heard of this Korean snack box before, but a sweet friend sent me one to cheer me up. We’ve been fans ever since! 

In this post, we’re going to share details about the Korean subscription box. If you’re a fan of Korean culture and snacks (or BTS ARMY!!!), you’re definitely going to want to check this out. Seoulbox never disappoints! Plus, we really love their Instagram account where they share interesting things about Korea, but also give us a behind-the-scenes look at the hardworking team behind the Korean snack box brand! 

Seoulbox Boxes

One of the coolest things about Seoubox is that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you’re open to trying just about anything, need vegetarian-friendly snacks, or prefer to focus on K-Beauty products, there’s something for everyone!

Korean subscription box SeoulBox Signature

You can choose from three types of Seoulbox boxes:

  • Seoulbox Signature (which we’ll get into in a moment) – filled with all kinds of Korean goodies and products. This is great because you get a little bit of everything!
  • Seoulbox V – you’ll receive 16 Korean snacks, specialty ramen and drinks, merch, skincare products, and the Seoulbox magazine in this box which is designed for vegetarians. Such a great option! 
  • Seoulbox Life – you’ll still get 8-10 Korean snacks, but you’ll also receive one K-Beauty product, two K-Pop merch, 4-5 Korean lifestyle items, and the Seoulbox Magazine.

All of these boxes are going to be great so you can’t make the wrong choice. I’m always amazed by how well-curated the boxes are. The products are truly premium and we’ve never had a single issue with damaged or missing items. Also, BTS ARMY take note — there is BTS merch in EVERY box (perfect to pack for a BTS concert!!! We’ve seen everything from plushies and drinks to skincare masks (which are fabulous, by the way!). 

Seoulbox Signature

We’ve only received the Seoulbox Signature box, so we’re going to base our review on this great Korean subscription box. The first thing you will notice is that it’s well packaged. Everything is secure during the shipping process, so it’s protected from damage. It’s also tightly packed (sometimes, it’s almost bursting at the seams!) with everything you could ever want and more. You definitely get your money’s worth. Just look at all this good stuff!

Korean subscription box SeoulBox Signature

As you can see, the Seoulbox Signature comes with a wide variety of products. It’s always like this! I’ve also got to say that everything in this box was a winner. We particularly enjoyed the Lotte cakes, pear drink, and BT21 cooling sheets. Of course, we loved that ramen but we’re also huge fans of Korean ramen (here’s a list of our favorites!).

In each Seoulbox Signature Korean snack box, you’ll get 18 authentic goodies including:

  • Sweet and savory snacks straight from Korea!
  • Amazing drinks and ramen (our favorite every time!)
  • Unique K-Pop/K-Drama/K-Culture merch
  • K-Beauty skincare products
  • Seoulbox magazine (it’s filled with great tips and trivia!)

Whenever we get one, we plan a special day to celebrate. Then, we spend a Sunday afternoon using the beauty products while we indulge in delicious Korean snacks! We love reading through the Seoulbox magazine because it gives us a clear guide to what’s been included in the box along with important information about allergens (I’m allergic to a LOT of things!). If you’re nervous about trying new things, the Tasting Guide will be your best friend!

Korean subscription box SeoulBox Signature

Appreciating Korean culture is about more than BTS, ramen, and snacks, though. That’s another reason why we really like the magazine. It introduces readers to interesting facts about Korea, and also includes trivia about K-Pop idols, details on upcoming K-dramas, and more. It’s really super informative and we always look forward to reading through it while we try all the tasty drinks and snacks!

How it Works

With Seoulbox, you control how often you want to receive a Korean subscription box. Just want one? No problem! Want to try month-to-month to see if you like it? You can do that! Want to make a long-term commitment? Take advantage of the annual subscription and you’ll get one month free! 

The Seoulbox Signature and Seoulbox V boxes both start at $32.50 while the Seoulbox Life starts at just $14.99. Shipping costs & taxes are based on where you live and will be calculated at checkout.

Our First Seoulbox in 2020

Back in 2020, we received our very first Seoulbox. I’ll never forget how exciting it was to receive that package in the middle of such a challenging time in those early days of the pandemic. The box looked almost like it was glowing! It was a total surprise and introduced us to a lot of treats we’d never seen before. Over the years, we’ve fallen in love with many Korean snacks. Now, we can’t live without them!

Korean subscription box SeoulBox Signature

Just like today’s Seoulbox deliveries, our first one had the magazine (and we still have it!). It was so cool to open it up and see Song Kang (who we’d just seen in Love Alarm) along with tips on making K-Drama food. It sparked some new traditions for us, so we still look forward to reading it whenever we get a new Seoulbox. Can you tell we love the magazine as much as the treats?

Korean subscription box SeoulBox Signature

If you’re curious or want to learn more about K-culture, we highly recommend one of these Korean snack boxes. It’s a great way to try a variety of products without spending a lot of money. Plus, it’s hand-selected by the Seoulbox team so it’s almost like having a local friend who suggests only the best stuff. Give Seoulbox a try — you’ll love it!

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