How scary is Fujiyama roller coaster at Fuji-Q Highland?
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How Scary Is Fujiyama at Fuji-Q Highland?

Years ago, I’d heard about a record-breaking roller coaster in Japan. Back then, the ride seemed both too far and too scary to ever try. More than two decades later, I’d conquered my fear of roller coasters and was able to hop on board. How did it go? This post will answer the question: How scary is Fujiyama at Fuji-Q Highland?

Note: This adventure was in 2019 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Things may be different now due to Japan’s measures to control the spread of infection.

Fujiyama at Fuji-Q Highland

You’ll need to head to the base of Mount Fuji to ride Fujiyama, which takes its name from the famous peak. Just west of Tokyo, there are many options for getting to the park. You can read more about it in our guide to Fuji-Q Highland!

How scary is Fujiyama roller coaster at Fuji-Q Highland?

This steel roller coaster was the tallest in the world when it opened in 1996 (it was succeeded by Millennium Force at Cedar Point which made me brown out!). It also boasted the largest drop and was the fastest in the world for a year before being dethroned by Australia’s Tower of Terror at Dreamworld. As you can imagine, there was a lot of fanfare surrounding Fujiyama when it opened so even if I was more than 20 years late, I was still excited to ride it!

Is Fujiyama a Roller Coaster?

Yes, Fujiyama at Fuji-Q Highland is a roller coaster. Given its height, it’s actually a hypercoaster because it’s over 200 feet tall. 

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Here are some quick facts about Fujiyama:

  • Opening date: July 1996
  • Length: 6,709 ft (2,045 m)
  • Height: 259 ft (79 m)
  • Duration: 3:36
  • Inversions: 0
  • Max vertical angle: 65°
  • Drop: 230 ft (70 m)
  • Lift/launch system: Chain
  • Max speed: 81 mph (130 km/h)
  • Ride Height Requirement: 43.3 in (110 cm)
  • Trains: Riders sit two across in two rows for a total of 28 riders per train (there are seven cars).

Queue Area

The queue is pretty typical for Japanese theme parks. It’s a winding ramp that gradually takes riders up to the platform. There is an elevator for those who need one.

Loading Area, Seats & Restraints

Again, the loading area is very standard for Japan. There are lockers on one side of the track where you will be asked to put everything from hats and glasses to even jewelry. 

Is Fujiyama at Fuji-Q Highland Scary?

How scary is Fujiyama at Fuji-Q Highland? Pretty scary! There are many elements that might be a little much for people who aren’t roller coaster enthusiasts. Let’s review:


There is nothing scary or unusual about the queue.


There are no dark elements on Fujiyama. 

Vertical Lift

This is a chain lift roller coaster. The lift is gradual with the typical “click click click” sound which can be stressful or suspenseful for some. 

Non-Inverting Elements

There are a LOT of small drops, turns, and banks. This is an older ride and it’s not smooth AT ALL. As someone with chronic headaches and neck pain, this was absolutely the scariest part of the ride. 


There is no mist or water. 


It’s a good drop. At just 65 degrees, it’s not terribly steep but the drop on Fujiyama is 230 feet which is substantial. Again, this is designated a hypercoaster because of its height/drop, which means this is a defining feature. Once you get past the first drop, there are several more but they are smaller. 


This is a fast roller coaster. It reaches a maximum speed of 81mph which is definitely fast. You will feel the speed on this one because it’s pretty clunky. 


Japan loves to buckle people in tightly so you won’t be flopping around with these harnesses on.


My friends: Fujiyama is almost four minutes long. It’s a LONG LONG LONG ride. And BUMPY. And there’s a long DROP. This one is not for the faint at heart.

Best Things About Fujiyama at Fuji-Q Highland

There are plenty of things to criticize about Fujiyama now that it’s almost three decades old. It’s not the tallest anymore, and it’s very bumpy. That being said, it’s a CLASSIC and even if I felt like I’d just spent four minutes in a washing machine, I’d do it again because it was fun. 

Fuji-Q Highland Mascot

Just look at the guy waiting for us when we got off the ride! If you want coaster credits on some of the rides that defined the roller coasters we love today, Fujiyama is worth your while. 

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