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Where to Stay in Fukui: Manten Hotel Ekimae

Wondering where to stay in Fukui? Whether it’s for an overnight pit stop or a lengthier visit, I’ve got a great recommendation: the Fukui Manten Hotel Ekimae. They offer clean, comfortable accommodations and excellent service which was just what I needed after a day of exploring! In this blog post, I’ll cover some of my reasons for recommending this hotel. 

The Location

When I first realized where the Fukui Manten Hotel Ekimae was located, I was shocked. You can literally see the entrance to the lobby from the exit of JR Fukui Station. It’s that close! You can’t get more convenient than this. Everything I needed was within a five-minute walking radius, which made my trip so much easier. 

In the plaza outside of Fukui Station, you’ll find an Information Services kiosk. There, you can ask about nearby attractions and how to get around the city. On the outside, you’ll find bikes that you can rent if you don’t want to walk or take a taxi. 

You’ll also find Happiring, a hub for restaurants and shopping, in this plaza. I was amazed by all of the great stuff in here. Not only do you have small restaurants that serve breakfast foods, soba, and ramen, but you’ve also got Burger King and a Family Mart convenience store. You’ll also find shops that sell local goods, which was dangerous for me. Everything from Fukui is either very adorable or very delicious. It was hard for me to stay on budget!

Lobby & Check-In

There were a lot of people working at the front desk when I checked in at the Fukui Manten Hotel Ekimae, so that was already a good sign. They were immediately very attentive to me and another traveler who had walked in. The check-in process was easy, but they did have to photocopy my Japan Resident Card. Be sure to bring identification! 

The lobby itself was bright and felt spacious, even though it’s a small hotel. There were seating areas and even a large table with chairs around it where I saw people meeting several times during my stay. There’s not much on the lobby floor, so it’s easy to get around and the elevators were quick! 

Guest Room

The guest rooms at the Fukui Manten Hotel Ekimae are comfortable and similar to those you’ll find in good hotels across Japan. In many ways, it reminded me of The Knot Shinjuku in that it was pretty compact but well-maintained. I liked that there was a desk area since I had to work a bit while I was there. 

There were slippers and pajamas laid out on the bed for me. I’ve seen this at many hotels, and I’m always fascinated by the fact that in Japan, guests are so similar in size that the pajamas should fit most people. I’m pretty chubby right now, so I didn’t even try 🙂 

The bed was comfortable, although I only had one pillow. That’s enough for me, but sometimes I like to hold one when I’m sleeping. My trip was an emotional one, so I missed having something to cuddle. That being said, I had everything I needed for a good night’s rest, so I can’t complain!

The bathrooms are small and don’t have a separate toilet/shower room. While I prefer that, this bathroom was stocked with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash and was clean. I sometimes don’t feel comfortable taking a shower in hotels, but I was more than fine showering at the Fukui Manten Hotel Ekimae!


Being in such close proximity to the train station, you’d think it would be noisy, but I enjoyed a nice, quiet stay. I didn’t hear anything from outside my window or in the hallways. Actually, that’s not true. Somewhere around 4am there was a huge storm and the thunder and lightning woke me up. It was super loud, but then it passed and I was able to easily fall back to sleep. 


My stay was short, so I didn’t get to do much except sleep, shower, and pack, which means I didn’t have a chance to check out the hotel amenities. I do know that there was a public bath on-site, daily cooked-to-order breakfast, laundry facilities, and self-parking.


I do know that there were microwaves available for use. Although I didn’t use one at the Fukui Manten Hotel Ekimae, I did microwave food during my visit to the Hyatt Place Kyoto the day before, so guests definitely use them! I’m sure I’ll stay there again, so I’ll update this post after my next visit. 

Overall Grade – A

Fukui prefecture is not Tokyo, so you need to adjust your expectations before you visit the area. You’re not going to be staying at the Ritz-Carlton. With that in mind, you should have a pleasant stay at the Fukui Manten Hotel Ekimae. The service was excellent, the accommodations were clean, and the location was impossible to beat. I’d definitely recommend this property to tourists visiting the area!

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