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As the resident Disney fan of The Anxious Travelers, I’d like to consider myself a bit of an expert. When it comes to the House of Mouse (especially the parks) I’m your guy! Planning a trip to the most magical place on Earth? I’ve put together a Disney packing list to help you get started. 

Over the years, I’ve made about twenty trips to Walt Disney World. Now that we have kids, that experience has come in handy! Whether you’re planning a family vacation or a grown-up adventure, here are some suggestions for what to pack for your next Disney journey!

Staying Healthy at Disney

Nobody wants to get sick on vacation. You could catch something on your flights, get overheated in the park, or suffer from motion sickness on a ride. We’ve got items for your Disney packing list to help you stay healthy at Disney. We aren’t called The Anxious Travelers for nothin’! 

  • Sanitizer – If you’re a regular reader of The Anxious Travelers, you know Purell hand sanitizer is our most valuable tool in our arsenal against germs. Use some after you touch a doorknob, before you grab your food, or when you’ve handled money to help keep the germs at bay!
  • Sunscreen – You’ll be walking around the parks all day, which puts you at risk for some serious sunburn. Protect your skin and the skin of your little ones with sweatproof, waterproof sunscreen. This is a must-have for Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, too!
  • Disinfectant Wipes – Here’s an Anxious Travelers secret; we use wipes almost everywhere. Okay, maybe it’s not that much of a secret! Use them on the plane, in your hotel, or even on rides. This can be a big step towards killing the germs that can make you sick on vacation!
  • Motion Sickness – Growing up, I loved roller coasters (my home park is Busch Gardens Williamsburg!). Unfortunately, I’ve developed motion sickness. One bad ride and I could be sidelined the rest of the day. When I take meclizine and/or MotionEaze I’m good to go!
  • Pain Reliever – A day at Disney can be a lot of fun, but it can also bring on muscle pain and headaches. It’s expensive at theme parks (if you can find it at all), so pack your own and be prepared!

How Much Clothing Do You Need for Disney?

There are many people out there who have taken a minimalist approach to packing. It’s not us, but more power to them. Between my OCD and our combined general anxiety, we’re just not going to be doing laundry or washing clothes in sinks at hotels.

We pack for what we think we’ll need, but we keep things compact with good packing cubes. We rarely travel with more than a carry-on! Here’s what we bring on our Disney vacations:

  • T-Shirts: One per day, plus one
  • Shorts: Two pair, plus one
  • Underwear (adults): One per day, plus one pair
  • Underwear (kids): Two for every day of travel
  • Socks: One pair for every day
  • Pants/Jeans: One long pair of pants
  • Outerwear (warmer months): One hoodie, sweater or sweatshirt
  • Outerwear (winter months): Lightweight, but warm jacket. Preferably something with wind blocking.
  • Hat: Sun blocking for summer, warm for winter
  • Sunglasses: For the whole family. The sun glare is real in Florida, folks!
  • Footwear: One pair of walking shoes, one pair of flip flops  
  • Comfortable travel clothes for the trip home

Disney Travel Gear & Accessories

Now that we’ve talked about the health essentials, let’s bring on the fun stuff! When planning your Disney packing list, having the coolest Disney travel essentials and accessories adds to the excitement. Here are some adorable suggestions.

Minnie Mouse Suitcase

Everyone in the airport will know exactly where you’re going with a rolling Minnie Mouse-inspired suitcase! This hardside American Tourister suitcase is perfect for filling with everything on your Disney packing list! 

Disney Packing List Minnie Mouse Suitcase
Mickey Mouse Suitcase

Don’t forget the little ones! They’ll love getting ready for the trip of a lifetime and will walk through the airport with pride with their very own Mickey Mouse suitcase!Mickey Mouse Suitcase

Mickey Mouse Backpack

This cute Loungefly mini backpack is the perfect accessory for a Disney vacation. Easily carry your wallets, phones, earbuds, passports, and more during your time in the parks!

Disney Backpack Loungefly

Don’t forget the little ones! This Mickey Mouse backpack is perfectly kid sized, and adorable to boot! Our four-year-old has asked for this specific bag, so we’ll have to pick one up before our next Disney trip!

Mickey Mouse Kids Backpack

Frozen Backpack

Embrace your inner snow queen with this Frozen themed backpack. This backpack features the royalty of Arendelle themselves, Anna and Elsa. With the sequel out now, you can expect this to be more popular than ever!

Disney Frozen Backpack

Luggage Tags

Whether your luggage is decked out with Disney or not, the perfect accessory for your suitcase is this set of Mickey and Minnie Mouse luggage tags. These silicone tags feature adjustable straps and a flap on the back of each one that provides a place to put your personal information in case your bags are lost.

Disney Luggage Tags

Disney Travel Pillow

Sleeping on a flight can be uncomfortable, that’s why you see so many people at airports walking around with a travel pillow around their neck! Skip the boring options and go for this officially licensed Disney travel pillow featuring Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto. Get the rest while you can; you’ll need it!

Disney Travel Pillow

What To Wear on Your Disney Vacation

You’ve been planning your trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland for months and showed your Disney pride on the way there with your travel gear; well done! Now it’s time to take your Disney game to the next level with these great options of what to wear on your Disney vacation. Be sure to check these fashion essentials off your Disney packing list before you hit the road!

Matching Shirts

You can’t go on a trip to Disney with your family or your squad without matching shirts. It’s literally not allowed. Ok, maybe that’s not true, but you can trust us when we say you’ll be wishing you found your own cool matching shirts when you see other people wearing them! There are so many different designs and customizing options, creating a cool, unique style is easy and affordable!

Disney Packing List Matching Disney Shirts

Disney Fanny Pack

Guess who’s back, back again? Fanny packs. Tell your friends. You might not realize it, but fanny packs are back in a BIG way. Why shouldn’t they be? They’re convenient and a great way to show off your sense of fashion. With the right Disney fanny pack you can share your Disney pride and conveniently store things like phones, wallets, keys, and more right on your waist!

Mickey Ears Headbands

Another super popular item you’ll find everywhere in Disney parks is the classic Mickey ears headband. A more affordable, comfortable alternative to the traditional Mickey ears hats, there are so many options to choose from online to accent your wardrobe or personal faves that you’ll probably find it difficult to choose just one! 

Mickey Ears Headbands


Disney Socks

A Disney outfit just isn’t complete without the right socks! Comfortable and stylish, these knee-high socks come in a variety of design options to go with almost any outfit. They’re also regular socks, so you can wear them before and after your Disney trip to help keep the magic alive when you’re not on vacation!

Disney Socks

Disney Pin Lanyard

Pin trading is a personal favorite activity of mine whenever I visit the Disney parks! Disney pins are a great way to interact with cast members, represent your sense of style, and show off your Disney personality! Bringing your own lanyard is just one more way to save money and customize your outfit even more. There’s a huge variety of lanyard options available online, and many come bundled with starter pin sets (at a great price discount) to bring and help you get your pin trading started!

Disney Pin Lanyard


Disney Packing List With Small Kids

Let’s be honest with each other, taking your kids to Disney may be a dream come true, but it can also become a nightmare if you aren’t careful. Without the right supplies and gear, you can find yourself becoming frustrated while your kid melts down for any number of reasons. These are a few things you should be sure to add to your Disney packing list to help make your trip to Disney with small kids as easy as possible!

Foldable Travel Stroller

When we took our oldest son to Disney and Universal a few months ago, we brought this amazing foldable travel stroller from Delta and it changed our lives. Sturdy, yet collapsible, we loved being able to push Caleb around safely while also being able to pick it up and carry it by hand when getting on buses or driving around Orlando. If you think that’s good, it was even better in the airport for pushing Caleb around between flights while being able to throw it in the overhead bin on the plane! No more stroller gate-check!

Foldable Travel Stroller

Stroller Fan

As we’ve mentioned a few times in this Disney packing list guide, whether you’re going to Disney World or Disneyland, it can get pretty hot! Help keep your little one cool in their stroller with this easy to use stroller fan. Featuring three flexible arms for attaching almost anywhere, this fan charges by USB or with battery and is a great way to beat the heat at the Disney parks!

Stroller Fan


Kids of all ages go to Disney, and whether it’s bedtime or naptime in the stroller, your toddler might need a pacifier. Kids are known for losing their pacifiers, so having a few spares is never a bad idea at Disney, where finding a store that carries them can be difficult to find or inconvenient or difficult to get to.

Mickey Mouse PacifierWater Bottles

One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your kids is keep up with hydration, and at Disneyland and Disney World that is easy to do! Many people don’t know this, but you are allowed to bring bottled water into Disney parks. Bringing a refillable water bottle is an even better idea, as you won’t have to carry around a bunch of water bottles until you use them! 

Minnie Mouse Water Bottle

Car Seat Backpack Bag

When flying with children, one of the most inconvenient aspects of the trip can be lugging around car seats! Some people just hand their car seat to the airline, but as The Anxious Travelers, there is no way that is going to happen. With this convenient car seat backpack bag, you can protect your car seat from damage and the gross-ness of the airport while being able to comfortably carry it around like a backpack!

Car Seat Backpack Bag

Disney Water Park Necessities

One of the underrated entertainment options when visiting the Walt Disney World Resort is to visit one of their two waterparks. Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach feature some awesome water rides and are conveniently located within the resort, accessible by car or Disney transportation. Be sure to grab everything on our Disney packing list, though, because finding these items on-site can be a hassle, and expensive!

Waterproof Phone Lanyard

You know you’ll want to take pictures as you and your friends or kids float around the lazy river or slide down the water slide, but there’s no way you can risk your phone! Buying one of these waterproof phone lanyards is a great way to keep your phone safe while still being able to keep it with you and take pictures in the water! Get them in advance, though, because having to buy one on site can mean paying as much at six times the online price!

Waterproof Phone Lanyard

Goggles, Ear Plugs & Nose Plugs

These aren’t fancy items, and not everybody needs them, but if you do, you’ll want to buy them in advance. Like the waterproof phone lanyard, having to purchase these on site can be inconvenient and undoubtedly more expensive (with fewer options) than online. 

Flip Flops

Nobody likes walking around a waterpark in regular shoes! With the water and sand everywhere, your shoes can get pretty gross, and you still have to wear them on the rest of your trip! Bringing some these Minnie Mouse flip flops to wear to the water park can save your shoes and your sanity.

Minnie Mouse Flip Flops

Disney Beach Towel

Don’t forget your beach towel! Avoid the towel rental fees at Disney water parks by bringing your own. This Disney beach towel is a great option to take with you to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach!

Disney Beach Towel Disney Packing List

Little Swimmers Swimming Diapers

You remembered bathing suits and everything else on the list, but don’t forget this swimming essential for your little one. Regular diapers won’t cut it at a waterpark, but you don’t want your kid to miss out on the fun! Buying swimming diapers in advance will save you a lot of time and money versus buying them on site!


Get Ready for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The newest and most exciting addition to the Disney Parks is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This fully immersive land is a must-visit for fans of the Star Wars franchise. Grab these items from our Disney packing list to show the world your intergalactic traveler status!

Star Wars Suitcase

You’ll travel the galaxy in style with these American Tourister hardside suitcases. Available in multiple styles (BB-8, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Stormtrooper), these suitcases are a great way to show off your fandom! Available in full-size or carry on.

Star Wars Suitcase Disney Packing List

Star Wars Luggage Tag

This is the luggage you’re looking for! Whether on Star Wars luggage or regular luggage, this accessory will help you easily identify your bag at any spaceport. I mean, airport!  

Star Wars Luggage Tag Disney Packing List

Star Wars Backpack

This Bioworld Rogue One backpack is no simple accessory, but an officially licensed backpack suitable for everyday use and for traveling. It can even hold a laptop! Look like a real member of the Rebellion with this stylish bag on your way to the Black Spire Outpost. Watch out for Storm Troopers!

Star Wars Backpack Disney Packing List

Star Wars Shirt

A true Star Wars fan can’t visit Galaxy’s Edge without sporting their favorite Star Wars threads. Whether you’re Jedi or Sith, Empire or Rebellion, Resistance or First Order, it’s easy to show your Star Wars allegiance! 

Adult Star Wars Shirt

Don’t forget the kids! There are plenty of Star Wars shirts available for children, because they’ll want to get in on the action when they visit Galaxy’s Edge!

Childrens Star Wars Shirt

Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook

While not necessarily something to put on your Disney packing list, you’ll undoubtedly want to get a copy of this cookbook upon your return from Batuu. With so many things to eat and drink at Galaxy’s Edge, you probably won’t be able to try it all! Feed your cravings for a Ronto Wrap or Fuzzy Tauntaun once you get home with this brand new cookbook!

Star Wars Cookbook Disney Packing List

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, preparing for a vacation doesn’t have to be a daunting task! The next time you’re preparing for a trip to the most magical place on Earth, remember our Disney packing list. Forget the stress and get ready for fun!