Welcome to our page devoted to helping people travel with anxiety and OCD. We work in the travel industry and receive discounts commonly extended to travel writers. We may also receive complimentary or reduced rates at hotels, resorts, museums, restaurants, attractions, theater performances, and products for review.

How We Handle Reviews

In our posts, we disclose when we have received a discounted rate as a result of my status as travel bloggers. We work hard to be as fair and impartial as we can be when reviewing a location, attraction, or product, whether we have paid full price, received a travel industry discount, or have received a media admission or rate.

Your experience at a destination, or with a product, may be different than ours. What you read here reflects our honest opinions, colored only by our personal travel preferences. As anxiety and OCD often impacts our opinions, you might see something in an entirely different light — and that’s okay.

A Word About Advertising

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You may also find native advertising on this site. It also helps to pay the bills and is clearly differentiated from independent editorial content.

Opinions expressed are always our own, freely expressed, and are never bought and paid for. In other words, if we like something, we’ll tell you all about it. If we don’t, same holds true. When we work with sponsors we make it clear that we are being compensated for my time, work, and honest opinion. A favorable opinion is not guaranteed.

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