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The girls and I spent the day shopping for my oldest son’s birthday. After grabbing a quick bite at Blaze Pizza, we were craving something for dessert. I’ll admit that ice cream kind of triggers my anxiety and OCD out in public because I don’t trust how it’s handled, but I decided to take a risk. A new location had just opened in our area, so I suggested we find out whether Culver’s frozen custard was as good as everyone says.

Culver'sJosh and I had already sampled the burgers, onion rings, fries, and fried cheese curds when Culver’s first opened its doors (and it was delicious!), but we had skipped the sweet treats. Hoping for a perfect way to cap off some girl time with my daughters, we excitedly hit the drive-thru.

What We Ordered

Keeping it classic, Hayley and I both chose waffle cones filled with one scoop of vanilla custard. All we could say was “wow!” Honestly, we we were immediately blown away by how creamy and flavorful it was. After all, we just had regular cones with no toppings and it was absolutely amazing!


Lauren went with a small sundae made from a scoop of the frozen vanilla custard, topped with crumbled Oreo cookies. She is an expert on all things sweet and she absolutely loved it! The ratio of ice cream to topping was great and the serving size was perfect.

Both the frozen custard and the waffle cones are made throughout the day, so they taste unbelievably fresh. The custard was rich and smooth while the waffle cone was crispy with just the right amount of chewiness. Mmmm, I wish I could have that right now!


We don’t often hit up a drive-thru just for desserts, but this was a real treat. While I wouldn’t make this a weekly habit (especially because following a keto diet helps my anxiety), Culver’s frozen custard is the perfect occasional guilty pleasure. There’s nothing worse than splurging on something that isn’t worth it, but if you’re craving something indulgent, you won’t be disappointed!