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We first learned about Cinnaholic while watching an episode of Shark Tank, so we were really excited when a location opened in Meridian. Although we both like cinnamon buns, neither of us was sure if we were ready for one that was vegan!


Yes, that’s right. These cinnamon rolls are dairy and lactose-free, egg-free, and cholesterol-free. Knowing this, we also feared that they’d be flavor-free. Turns out, we had nothing to worry about. These things are amazing!

Fresh, Custom Treats

On our first visit, we got lucky and happened to walk in right when a fresh batch of rolls was coming out of the oven. We even had to wait a little bit for them to cool down! They haven’t always been as fresh on subsequent visits, but they’d still been baked that same day. When you’re dealing with breads and pastries, that makes a huge difference.


We were immediately surprised (and a little overwhelmed) by how many options Cinnaholic offers. You can choose from dozens of frostings and toppings, which was a wonderful surprise.

For our maiden voyage, Josh went with vanilla frosting with brownie bites on top while I chose cream cheese with freshly sliced apples. Scurrying out of the tiny shop, we found an outdoor seat nearby where we could sample the goods ASAP.

Shockingly Good

Let’s be real for a moment — whenever you get into desserts that sub out key ingredients like eggs, things can get a little dicey. Unsure what to expect, the delicious taste explosion that took over our mouths was a delight. Seriously, we just slowly glanced at each other (mouths full), completely shocked by the texture and flavor.


Honestly, if I didn’t know it was vegan, I would never have guessed. The dough was tender, my tastebuds were popping, and everything felt so incredibly fresh and clean. Plus, there wasn’t that overly sweet, icky feeling that can come from having something so indulgent. Be warned, they are really, really big! You could easily share one, but why would you? Just enjoy it!

Since then, Cinnaholic has become a go-to spot for our whole family when we want cinnamon rolls without the guilt. We’ve tried different toppings and frostings, but I always come back to my cream cheese and apple combo. Josh tends to bounce between brownie bites and “Oreo” cookies.

Have you tried Cinnaholic? It’s easy to see why new locations are popping up all over the country (and they’ve recently expanded to Canada)!