The Best Kpop Store in Honolulu Hawaii

We’re huge Kpop fans. If you’re a regular reader, you already know this. We had to cancel our trip to Korea (our BTS tour will have to wait for another year!), so we were thrilled to find so many great Korean shops and restaurants when we got married in Hawaii. When we checked out the Ala Moana Center, a popular shopping mall, we easily found the best Kpop store in Honolulu. 

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Kpop Friends Hawaii

Gonna be honest — we didn’t go to the mall looking for a kpop store. We went to the mall for the BTS Map of the Soul Pop-Up (review coming soon!). We were pleasantly surprised to spot Kpop Friends Hawaii right next door. The front window display pulled us in immediately!

Kpop Friends Hawaii store in Ala Moana Center

The shop may seem small from the outside, but they make great use of their space. It’s literally jam-packed with all kinds of treasures. It’s also very neat, clean, and well-organized so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. They’ve got a flat-screen television mounted behind the counter so you can dance along to your favorite music videos (which is exactly what we did haha). Really, it was like the best kind of party in there! 

Great Selection of K-Goods

Inside, you will find a great selection of goodies from a wide range of groups, artists, and K-drama stars. We normally have to order all of our stuff online, so it was amazing to be in a shop where we could find merch for BTS, TXT, Twice, Red Velvet, AND also Kim Seon Ho, Song Joong-Ki, Hyun Bin, and many of our other favorite actors. It felt like Christmas!

Kpop Friends Hawaii store in Ala Moana Center

On top of that, they also had fun local items. We were able to snag from BTS Army Hawaii shirts for me and the girls. We also got photo cards, posters, stickers, and even the BTS Xylitol Gum (I usually have to order from online grocery stores)! Everything was so affordably priced. We wish we could shop there every week!

Local Family-Owned Business

Our favorite thing about the best kpop store in Honolulu is that it’s family-owned. We visited the shop three times and each time we were greeted by family members. It feels good to support local businesses, especially when traveling, and you can tell that they work hard and care deeply about their customers. Look at the owner’s BTS-inspired nails!

Kpop Friends Hawaii store in Ala Moana Center

We received excellent service. We had to contact the store a few times and we reached out through social media. Every time, we got a friendly response within a reasonable time, and we were very happy with the experience. They were also very patient with our dancing, excitement, and love for Korean culture. 

How to Shop at Kpop Friends Hawaii

To shop at Kpop Friends Hawaii in person, you’ll need to head to the Ala Moana Center at 1450 Ala Moana Boulevard, Honolulu, HI 96814. There are huge parking garages at the shopping mall, so you won’t need to worry! Once you’re at the mall, Kpop Friends Hawaii is on Mall Level 2 near Target. 

You can also find them online at the following links:

The selection on their website is really impressive, and you can order things and pick them up in-store. Their social media accounts are regularly updated with the latest news from the Korean entertainment industry (which made it fun to catch up on all the gossip in person). We absolutely love this great Kpop store and hope to return to visit them again in the future!

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