15 Best Japan YouTube Channels to Follow (2023)

Considering a visit or move to Japan? There are many popular YouTube channels that create content about the land of the rising sun. We’ve put together a list of the best Japan YouTube channels that cover everything from everyday life and travel inspiration to Japanese food and learning basic Japanese phrases. These are definitely worth watching!

Paolo from Tokyo

We’ve been watching Paolo on his main channel for a long, long time. His content is honest but really positive, informative, and engaging. It’s a rare combination! His videos are great for people who are planning to visit because he offers tips on everything from choosing a SIM card to the best burgers in Tokyo. 

Paolo from Tokyo best Japan YouTube channels

On top of that, he’s also got a series of videos that show the realities of different professions (ramen chefs, a firefighter, and more!) and a more personal second channel, Tokyo Zebra, where he shares his experiences as a married father with a Japanese family (his wife and in-laws are Japanese). He’s one of our favorite content creators of all time.

Takashii from Japan

We started watching Takashii during the pandemic and his has definitely evolved into one of the best Japan YouTube channels. His videos have improved so quickly, and have taught us so much about the lives and opinions of people in Japan (usually Tokyo). 

Takashii from Japan

One of the best things about Takashii is that he’s so open-minded. I’ve seen interviews take a surprising turn and he does an amazing job of pivoting and coming up with thought-provoking questions on the spot. He’s respectful yet playful, which I really admire! Also, while Takashii encourages people to speak in Japanese, there are always English subtitles!

Rion Ishida

Before our last trip to Japan in 2019, we started following Rion for travel inspiration in and around Osaka. We loved his videos about Universal Studios and found them especially helpful when planning our visit. Now, his channel has grown a lot and he’s moved to Tokyo!

Rion Ishida

Recently, we were able to meet Rion in Akihabara. He’s really sweet and is pushing himself to try new things in his videos. He’s become a lot more open about his emotions and the negative experiences he sometimes faces during his adventures. 

Abroad in Japan

It’s so funny, but we found Paolo From Tokyo and Abroad in Japan roughly around the same time. Both channels are incredibly engaging and interesting, but the hosts — Paolo and Chris — couldn’t be more different. Chris Broad is a British guy and he’s definitely one of the most famous YouTubers in Japan. 

Abroad in Japan best Japan YouTube channels

He’s got a bit of a crass sense of humor and enjoys traveling, eating, and drinking with friends. There are no words to describe how funny some of his stuff is — whether he’s biking through the Japanese countryside or enjoying Japanese food with friends — but I realize that the tone and language may not be for everyone. So, keep that in mind before you check out his channel!

Life Where I’m From

This is one of the absolute best Japan YouTube channels if you truly want to learn about everyday life in this country. The videos could seem boring to some, but for us, they were unbelievably helpful as we prepared to live in Japan. We love these YouTube videos about daily life. 

Life Where I'm From best Japan YouTube channels

This channel covers everything from disaster preparation and local traditions to uncovering the most common things found in a Japanese fridge. One video even explained city planning and zoning in Japan which was remarkably fascinating. 

Mrs. Eats

Don’t let the name fool you. While this channel does often talk about food, it’s about so much more. Whether we venture out on a shopping trip to Costco or discuss the many ways tourists annoy the locals, Mrs. Eats provides an interesting look at life in Japan. 

Mrs. Eats

One of the things I really appreciate is that this popular YouTuber is a little older than everyone else on this list. Her perspective, as a middle-aged woman who grew up in Japan, is something that I really appreciate. 


We love JesseOGN’s on-the-street interviews where he asks locals about their fashion and the music they’re currently listening to. We’ve built a lot of our own playlists and discovered new artists because of these videos! 

Jesse OGN best Japan YouTube channels

He also offers an interesting point-of-view as someone who is both Black and Japanese. He speaks both English and Japanese fluently, and sometimes uses this skill to create prank videos!

Life in Japan

When we stumbled on this video about a couple with six kids, we knew their tips would come in handy. Over the years they’ve covered an incredibly wide range of topics and offer lots of valuable insight on everything from schooling and holidays to shopping and finding an apartment. If you’re relocating as a family, Life in Japan is definitely one of the best YouTube channels!

Life in Japan

In our first week in Japan, we ran into Ruth and Nate at IKEA in Yokohama. They were incredibly gracious and welcoming. We were so loud and chatty that we definitely got some stares, but it was worth it to show our appreciation after their videos had done so much to prepare us for our new lives.

Life in Japan Ruth and Nate

Reina Scully

There’s something oddly satisfying about Reina’s videos. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I don’t know if it’s the way she talks or the good lighting or if she’s just unique, but I sometimes find myself binge-watching her content! 

Reina Scully

Recently, she became a mother for the first time and I really enjoyed following her journey as she prepared for the new baby. Her hospital experience (and virtually non-existent costs!) were eye-opening as someone who’s given birth to six children in two countries (Canada and USA). 

That Japanese Man Yuta

Yuta was one of the first English-speaking Japanese YouTubers. He covers various topics including Japanese culture, language, and anime. Sometimes, I’m really shocked by the social issues he’s brave enough to tackle, but he’s been doing this for a long time and it shows. He’s a professional! 

That Japanese Man Yuta

One of the things I find most interesting about him is that he’ll switch from discussing sexuality and virginity in Japan to posting tips for passing the JLPT language proficiency tests. If you’re looking for something with a defined topic, this isn’t it. 

Just One Cookbook

For many years, I’ve been consulting the Just One Cookbook blog posts for tips on Japanese cooking. The blog owner, Nami, is from Japan but she lives in California now and creates English content for people who are trying to learn more about Japanese cuisine. 

Just One Cookbook

This channel is the home of the video content from her blog. You’ll find so many delicious recipes and ideas for making Japanese food at home. The instructions are always easy to follow and absolutely delicious!

Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com

There are many, many YouTube channels devoted to the Japanese language, but this one is the best overall. There are videos for beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced learners. Regardless of your JLTP level, something on this channel will be of good use.


I’m not able to enroll in Japanese classes right now, so along with online courses, I use JapanesePod 101 for Japanese grammar, writing systems, Japanese listening practice, and general language skills. It’s famous and popular for a reason!

Shinichi’s World

We love watching Shinichi travel across Japan. He often goes to places that many tourists skip, which is good for a couple of reasons. First, I can visit without dealing with a lot of crowds. Second, those areas benefit from a boost in their economy. 

Shinichi's World

Shinichi has another channel, TabiEats, that we also enjoy. Usually, he checks out different restaurants with his husband, Satoshi. Sometimes, his mother also makes an appearance (she seems like a great cook — no wonder he’s a foodie!). 


We’ve been following Shunchan since he basically had no followers. I can remember when he got his first milestone plaque from YouTube. Now, he’s got more than 300 thousand followers. It’s hard to believe how quickly he grew, but he makes interesting content!


He’s a little silly, so he might appeal more to young people, but we find him pretty entertaining. He tackles a lot of dating, sexuality, and social issues and he seems to truly embrace diversity. 

TDR Explorer

We LOVE Chris! We have no hesitation about including him on this list of the best Japan YouTube channels! If you’re planning a trip to Tokyo Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan, this is for you! He creates fantastic content and is just super down to earth. Plus, he’s a fellow Canadian so I’ve got to support him! 

TDR Explorer best Japan YouTube channels

In his videos, he provides detailed reviews and overviews of the merch, food, ticketing process, and events at theme parks in Japan. Whenever there’s a holiday, he makes sure his viewers are informed about any limited goodies at the parks.

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