Best Gifts for K-Pop and K-Drama Fans

We’ve been into the Korean entertainment scene for years, and now it seems like it’s everywhere! Suddenly, people are asking us for recommendations when no one ever cared before (some even mocked us, but who’s laughing now?!). In case you’re among those looking for guidance, we’ve put together this guide of the best gifts for k-pop and k-drama fans. 

We’ve made an effort to include things that we would want (or already have)! There are so many great groups and shows that we couldn’t possibly include gift ideas for everything, but we did focus on some fun general items and a few big names. Also, don’t forget to check out these related posts:

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K-Pop Gifts

There are so many amazing k-pop groups out there, so if you’re just getting into this genre of music, please keep an open mind. You will always have your original favorites, but there is so much talent in South Korea that you may quickly fall in love with more than one group!

You may feel like k-pop fans are speaking a different language, so you might want to pick up a copy of this K-Pop Dictionary to learn the lingo. Planning to learn some choreography (one of our favorite pastimes!). Grab this k-pop-inspired hat (I love mine!). 


There’s no bigger group or artist in the world right now than BTS. We are so proud of our babies! To list all of our favorite items would take years, but here are some great BTS gift ideas based on things we own and love! 

Actually…before we get into it, be sure to download the Weverse and Weverse Shop apps and check out the Line Friends BT21 collection to purchase officially licensed products (including BTS light sticks, a.k.a. “Army Bombs”). 





Josh absolutely loves Twice and Red Velvet. He goes back and forth over which one he loves most. Lately, Twice has been doing really, really well, though, so I’ve decided to list them first.

Here are some cute things for Twice fans!

Red Velvet

When it comes to girl groups, we all really like Red Velvet. It’s not that we don’t all love Twice, but there are more Red Velvet songs that everyone in our house enjoys.

If you’re shopping for a Reveluv (fan), here are some ideas:


They might be under the same management as BTS, but TXT is their own group. They share very few similarities, and we absolutely adore their uniqueness. I’ll admit that it took me a couple of years to embrace them (and I teased my younger daughter for her loyal fandom from day one!), but they’ve come into their own and I’m so proud of them! 

Here are some TXT gift ideas:

Stray Kids

One of the most exciting newer groups in k-pop right now is Stray Kids! I can still remember the first time I heard their song “Back Door” which was included on Time Magazine’s list of the 10 Best Songs of 2020

Here are some Stray Kids gift ideas:

K-Drama Gifts

How would I have survived the pandemic without k-dramas? Seriously. There are not enough words to describe how much I love these shows. Fortunately, there are a LOT of them with more coming out every day. I’ll probably create a whole post dedicated to these marvelous series but in the meantime, here are some general k-drama gift ideas for now. There are a few show-specific gifts too!

Korean Dramas Are My Therapy T-shirt

As I mentioned a moment ago, we’ve loved k-dramas for a while but they really came in clutch during the pandemic. After the little ones would go to bed, Josh and I would make snacks with my teen daughter and we’d escape the headlines for a few hours. For us, these shows really are therapy!

Korean Dramas Are My Therapy k-drama gift ideas

This Is My K-Drama Time Plush Blanket

During those cold winter months, having a great blanket makes watching k-dramas extra cozy. Slurp on some warm ramen noodles and sip a cup of hot ginger tea before hunkering down for a long binge-watching session!

This is my k-drama blanket gift idea

It’s a K-Drama Thing T-Shirt

Do you love k-dramas but feel like no one around you understands? Then you need this shirt. These words are part of our every day vocabulary now!

It's a K Drama Thing shirt k-drama gift ideas

This is My K-Drama Watching Hoodie

We are a hoodie family. We love wearing hoodies whenever we can. This one looks especially cute and cozy!

This is my kdrama hoodie k-drama gift ideas

Eat K-Drama Repeat Mug

It feels like this mug is describing our everyday lives because that’s exactly what we do. Eat, (barely sleep), watch k-dramas and then repeat it all over again the next day!

Just One More Episode Candle

This candle really says it all, except in our house someone usually says “can we watch the first 10 minutes of the next episode?” Then, we end up watching the whole thing haha!

Fighting! Mug

As soon as Josh realized that he kept hearing “fighting!” in k-dramas, this became one of his daily catchphrases. Now, whenever he tries to cheer someone on, he yells “fighting!” I feel like he needs this mug…

Fighting Mug k-drama gift ideas

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

We absolutely love Kim Seon-Ho, so it was a no-brainer when Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha was released. This was such a feel-good show with lots of heart, and it’s pretty popular, so here are some fun gift ideas.


There are few k-dramas that we loved as much as Vincenzo. It’s really got it all. Action, humor, drama, and a little romance!

Start Up

While we have mixed feelings about the outcome of this show, it was really good and the performances (especially Kim Seon-Ho) were phenomenal. Team Good Boy for life!

Squid Game

This show needs no introduction and if you’re a fan of k-dramas, you’ve probably seen it, enjoyed it, but felt annoyed that there are many other k-dramas out there that are just as good — if not better. With that said, though, it’s exciting to see so many people watching Korean shows for the first time, so we gotta celebrate that, right?

Crash Landing on You

Oh my goodness. At this point, this show is just about two years old so there’s not a ton of merch out there but if you carry a torch in your heart for Captain Ri and Yoon Se Ri, like we do, then you might want to check these out.

Hospital Playlist

The second and final season of Hospital Playlist wrapped up at the end of summer 2021, and while we’re sad, the way things ended was perfect in its own way. This is one that we will reflect on for years to come and the soundtrack was just amazing!

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