Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

The Best Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Travel Anxiety

When you’re feeling anxious while traveling, you’ll do just about anything to regain your center. I know that I’ve felt that kind of desperation! Fortunately, I’m grateful to be learning better ways of managing my symptoms. The last thing you want is to feel so out of control that you can’t enjoy your trip. While there are no “miracle cures,” one of my favorite things to do is use essential oil diffuser blends for travel anxiety.

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Whether it’s in a diffuser, candle, or cupped inside my hands, the right scent makes me feel calmer immediately. This isn’t for everyone, of course. In fact, some people might be rolling their eyes right now — and that’s okay. Do your own research and find what works for you! If you’re interested in learning more about this great way to manage travel anxiety, though, read this blog post. You might also enjoy this article about using essential oils to use a natural fragrance to make your home smell amazing!

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How to Use Essential Oil

We’ve been using our essential oil collection on a daily basis for a long time. In addition to the therapeutic benefits, we just think it fills our home with positive energy. Even though two of my kids have moved out, there are still six of us living in close quarters. We make sure to open the windows and get fresh air every day, regardless of the time of year. 

  • Add drops of essential oil to water in an ultrasonic diffuser to distribute the soothing scents to different rooms in your home. 
  • Look for pure essential oils with good ratings from other customers. 
  • Putting a single drop in the palm of my hand, forming a cup with both hands), and then covering my nose for a deep inhale is one of my favorite ways to find calm during a panic attack. 
  • Avoid applying essential oils directly to your skin (one drop should be okay, though!). Add a few drops to a carrier oil (we love coconut oil!) instead. 
  • When using a new essential oil, keep an eye out for allergic reactions or allergy symptoms. 
  • While we’ve personally seen health benefits through the power of essential oils, you should always start slowly. If you have a weakened immune system or are being treated for a medical condition, ask your healthcare provider for professional medical advice before using essential oils. 

Lavender Oil for Anxiety

When it comes to finding a calming scent, it’s hard to beat lavender essential oil. You’ll find it in so many products, and I’ve loved using it with my children. In the evenings, I’ll often burn lavender incense or fill a diffuse full of lavender. It might be my favorite scent in the world! Within minutes, everyone always comments on how nice it feels in the house or how good it smells. 

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Lavender has been around for centuries. It’s so popular that it’s therapeutic potential has been researched extensively. Studies have shown that drops of lavender essential oil can help relieve anxiety, depression, migraines and a host of other ailments. It is definitely my favorite essential oil. I’ve always got some in my cupboard or carry-on luggage! 


From the Bible to modern wellness centers, you’ll find references to frankincense.  It’s almost impossible to enumerate the potential benefits associated with using frankincense essential oil, but we do know that it can have a big impact on our limbic system (the control center for basic emotions).

One particularly interesting study demonstrated that frankincense could help curb anxiety and depression in hospital patients. Beyond that, many love to incorporate it into their yoga and meditation practice. The rich scent can truly induce a deep state of relaxation. It’s definitely one of the best essential oils for travel anxiety, so tuck some in your bag! 


Growing up, my sister would put rose oil in her baths. I didn’t see her often, so whenever I’d catch that scent, it would remind me of good times spent with her. My beloved grandmother’s name was Rose and it’s also my youngest’s middle name. What I’m saying is that, for me, the connection with rose essential oil is a deeply personal one. 

Fortunately, it’s also often included in the list of essential oils for anxiety. And, of course, there’s research to back up the claims. Just one study found that a 15-minute aromatherapy session using rose and lavender could help stave off postpartum depression and general anxiety disorder among new moms! 

Roman Chamomile

You’ve probably had a cup of chamomile tea to unwind. It’s great, but the extract is highly diluted by the hot water. Using a potent, concentrated Roman chamomile essential oil is far more effective at helping soothe the nerves. It almost feels like warm sunshine for the soul. That’s why it’s been used for ages!

When I’m traveling, I often find my mind racing. In those moments, I reach for the chamomile which has been shown to calm an “overactive mind.” Meanwhile, there’s evidence that the scent is more effective at reducing anxiety among ICU patients than traditional methods! 

Ylang Ylang

Have you seen the name of this essential oil, but had no idea how to pronounce it? It’s like “ee-lung ee-lung” or “ee-lang ee-lang” depending on how you say your “a” sounds! You’ll find it in a lot of health and beauty products these days, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does ylang ylang essential oil contain properties that are good for the skin, but inhaling it can be relaxing. It’s believed to work by reducing blood pressure, cortisol levels and the body’s stress response. Combined, that can take a real weight off our shoulders!


Despite the fact that I’ve been using essential oils for years, I hadn’t heard of bergamot until recently. The funny thing is, as an avid Earl Grey drinker, I’ve been enjoying its flavor and aroma for years! It’s a truly distinct scent, which apparently, fights anxiety! Pour me another cup! One study showed that bergamot essential oil has a calming effect on users, while another demonstrated it’s ability to lower stress hormones and improve mood. This is perfect on a trip! No wonder this is one of the best essential oils for travel anxiety! 


Who here has heard of vetiver essential oil? If you haven’t, don’t worry — it’s new to me, too! After learning more about it, though, it didn’t take long for me to realize it’s one of the best essential oils for travel anxiety! It has antioxidant properties which can help rid your body of free radicals. This can be especially important when traveling to areas where air quality is poor. Vetiver’s effects on anxiety are similar to diazepam (Valium), a prescription medication. How great would it be to get the same benefits without having to take a pill?! It’s also been shown to improve symptoms associated with ADHD and ADD. I’ve found that with vetiver, just one drop of essential oil cupped in the palm of my hand can be a powerful weapon against anxiety. 

Essential Oils for Travel Anxiety

There’s nothing pleasant about feeling overwhelmed or stressed on vacation, which is why so many look for ways to manage their emotions. You’ll have to find whatever is right for you. Using essential oils for travel anxiety has been effective and useful for us. I like that it’s natural and that the bottles are small enough to get past the TSA security checkpoint

Of course, use essential oils with caution. It’s always recommended that you do your research before dabbing any on your skin or ingesting. You can easily find some other well-researched alternative health blogs that offer handy tips and tricks. 

Once you get more comfortable, you can start experimenting with different oils and blends. Combining a few drops to create an anxiety-busting scent can be one of the best ways to regain your center in a busy airport (just don’t do it near people who might be sensitive and/or have a strong sense of smell). You might not feel completely “zen,” but it could make those tough moments a little easier. Happy traveling!

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