Zaxby’s: Fried Chicken For Road Trips!

by Jeanne
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Living in Virginia and going to school in Williamsburg, Josh became very familiar with the Zaxby’s menu. It wasn’t till they opened a location in Richmond that I tried it and, while I prefer Raising Cane’s for this type of fried chicken, this is a close second. It’s definitely one of my favorite restaurants for great road trip food!


During our first trip through Salt Lake City, we noticed one in a suburb and our entire family of eight decided to make a pit-stop. Since then, every time we’re in the area, we pay this location in Ogden, Utah a visit and, one time, they ignored the fact that we came in with Slurpees (you can’t blame us — there are no 7-11s in Idaho, either!).

What We Order at Zaxby’s

The menu includes a wide-range of things from “Zalads” to “Zappetizers” but we visit Zaxby’s for one reason — the Fingerz! They are always so tender and juicy with just the right amount of crispy breading on the outside!

Zaxby's Slurpee

This rarely happens, but Josh and I always order the same exact thing. The Big Zax Snak Meal comes with Chicken Fingerz, Texas Toast, Zax sauce and crinkle fries. I like to add a side of their coleslaw to help cut the grease a little.

It might not be the healthiest meal, but sometimes you’ve just gotta live a little. And by this, I mean ordering an extra piece of the Texas Toast along with a second helping of that sauce! Yum!


We figure, we’re only able to have it a few times a year, may as well enjoy it to the fullest! And, yes, by washing it all down with a delicious Slurpee, we really did feel like we were living our best lives! When’s the next road trip to Utah? I need some Zaxby’s!

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