by Jeanne

Hey there! We’re Jeanne and Josh — The Anxious Travelers! We create destination guides, packing lists, and tips for those who live with travel anxiety or travel OCD. We share our insights in an effort to inspire others to explore the world around us. On this site, we discuss general anxiety, travel anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). We also share strategies for managing symptoms while you travel!

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Follow us as we visit theme parks such as Universal Orlando Resort, Disney World, Busch Gardens, Lagoon and so much more! We use thrill rides as a therapy to fight anxiety, depression, and grief. Roller coasters are amazing tools for wellness! It’s not always easy to push ourselves, but we do it because we want to live our best lives!

As parents of six children, including a set of twins, we want to set a good example. We want our children to see us reaching goals and facing fears. On this site, we’ll share tips for traveling with kids when you have travel anxiety and OCD. Some days are better than others, but we are committed.

Most importantly, we want to create an online space without shame, guilt, or embarrassment. Many people live with travel anxiety and OCD. You are not alone. If we continue to be open and honest, we can help raise awareness about mental illness. When we raise awareness about travel anxiety and OCD, we can learn more about effective coping strategies. We also want to help others understand how they can show support to those living with anxiety. A little empathy can go a long way.

Again, welcome to The Anxious Travelers. We are glad you’re here! Check out our travel guides for the United States, Canada, Asia, and Mexico. Be sure to read our tips for fighting travel anxiety, staying healthy, avoiding getting sick (avoiding germs) while traveling and so much more. We’re glad you’re here!