14 Best Date Night Ideas During COVID That Are Safe and Cheap

by Jeanne
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Looking for a new way to celebrate date night? You’re not alone. The current pandemic has changed how we live our lives. Quality time with our partner is more important than ever, so we’ve put together the best date night ideas during COVID.

Some people dislike taking precautions, but the reality is that many public places require face masks and some social distancing. We don’t know if we’ll get back to our normal routine anytime in the near future, so why not find a new way to connect — even in the comfort of your own home. 

What’s in this post:

  • Play Board Games
  • Take Virtual Tours of Cool Places
  • Explore the Great Outdoors
  • Head to a Drive-In Movie
  • Relax with a Spa Day
  • Indulge in Wine Tastings
  • Get Lost on Scenic Drives
  • Find Your Way Out of an Escape Room
  • Reminisce with Old Photos
  • Enjoy an Intimate Backyard Picnic
  • Snuggle Up with a Film Festival
  • Whip Up Something Delicious
  • Recreate Happy Hour
  • Celebrate Your Best Valentine’s Day

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Play Board Games Together (But Keep it Friendly!)

Back in the day, my family played board games all the time. Now, we’re consumed by technology. That’s why it feels so good to pull out a favorite game on home dates. Don’t choose something that you know will stress you out — this is all about friendly competition. 

If you’re a fan of card games, that’s also a great option. We’ve recently discovered couple-focused cards like “Our Moments” which are fun but also help spark meaningful conversations. 

Take Virtual Tours of Cool Places

Not ready to travel? Understandable! Virtual tours are a unique way to still see your favorite places from your living room! Is it the same as the real thing? Of course not, but with a little effort, it’s still a lot of fun. 

Choose a destination and create a fully immersive experience. Gather foods, drinks, or even plan a whole meal around it (this is a good time to learn new recipes associated with this treasured place). I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had a blast just watching YouTube videos about Japan or Korea while munching on our favorite snacks from the area. It’s also a great way to plan future adventures! 

Explore the Great Outdoors

We love outdoor activities. We’ve had so many good times exploring a local park, going for a bike ride, or visiting a new outdoor space. In the winter months, we bundle up and enjoy tubing or even a mountain coaster. A day in the fresh air feels good and helps us fall asleep quickly at night! 

Head to a Drive-In Movie

We used to be regulars at our local movie theater, but things are different now. We’re fortunate, though, to live near two good drive-ins! I’ll admit that I had never been to one until I was in my 30s, but now I really love them. 

When a new movie comes out, we get to the drive-in early, pick a great spot and enjoy a fun outdoor movie night. We love being able to get comfortable, talk freely (without having to hear anyone else!), and enjoy the fresh air! 

Relax with a Spa Day

We’ve gone to a spa together several times over the years and we always feel blissful and relaxed. While we can’t exactly recreate this at home, it’s still among the fun ways to enjoy a romantic date night without having to leave the house. 

Unwind by candlelight, put on some relaxing music, and dote on each other (and yourselves). Every Sunday, we have a “beauty day” in our house enjoying healthy snacks while we use our favorite Korean face masks. Bonus points if you learn some new massage techniques in advance (but we tend to use our massage gun and it’s FABULOUS). 

Indulge in Wine Tastings

We’re not wine drinkers (we don’t drink much at all, really, aside from the occasional soju, sake, or pina colada), but we do know that people have been enjoying virtual wine tastings! Some friends have had so much fun cracking open a new bottle of wine (or several) for one of the best date night ideas at home. Make it a whole experience with a charcuterie board and/or some pasta! 

Get Lost on Scenic Drives (In a Good Way!)

There’s never been a better time to enjoy scenic drives together. We’ve always enjoyed this, but we appreciate it even more now. We used to travel so much that we stopped exploring the local landscape, and this has given us an opportunity to appreciate what’s around us. 

Long drives are a great opportunity to listen to some of your favorite music and/or catch up with a good conversation. We find ourselves belting along to songs from the time when we first met and then talking about those early days of dating. It’s a wonderful way to remember why you’re together. 

Find Your Way Out of Virtual Escape Rooms

Before the pandemic, we did an escape room and it was a lot of fun. While we haven’t done one from home, we’ve heard that virtual escape rooms are a unique experience that makes for a perfect date night! 

Reminisce with Old Photo Albums

Taking a stroll down memory lane is a sweet home date night idea. Looking through old photos while listening to old tunes is a great way to have a surprise romantic evening. If you’re comfortable eating food prepared outside your home, you can support small businesses and order takeout from a local restaurant while you reflect on fun times. 

Got a stack of disorganized pictures? Now’s a great time to spend a night storing those memories into a beautiful photo album

Enjoy an Intimate Backyard Picnic

If you’ve got a backyard, it could be the perfect spot for a special date night! Prepare a simple meal together, complete with all the cutlery, condiments, and napkins. Gather drinks and a blanket and then head outside. Let the conversation flow and grow closer under a starlit sky. This is definitely romantic and one of the easiest, best date night ideas!

Snuggle Up with a Film Festival

Movie dates at the theater or drive-in are great, but we also like to plan film festivals we can enjoy in our living room. This can be classic films we’ve never seen, old favorites, or a marathon of trilogies. That’s the beauty of these kinds of movie nights — the features are up to you! 

We like to research things about the production team or actors and even a round of trivia to give us the full film festival experience. Then, we cozy up with a favorite snack, some ice cream, and leave the world behind for a few hours. 

Whip Up Something Delicious

One of the most fun date night ideas is to get into the kitchen and create something together. There’s something so satisfying about trying a new recipe for a treat, meal, or even drinks! Beforehand, each of you can do your own research and then share good ideas with each other. Make sure you have all of the ingredients and tools you need, and then whip up something tasty — even if it’s just something simple like s’mores. 

Recreate Happy Hour

Even though we’re not big drinkers, we do love happy hour. Before the pandemic, even when we were traveling, we’d check the area for places with the best offerings. We always had a perfect time sampling multiple appetizers, which is a great way to try new things. 

For a fun date night, recreate happy hour at home. Think about your favorite drinks and finger foods and look for easy recipes. You can even pick up some frozen appetizers to make things easier. Your living room is a great place for happy hour because, if you drink alcohol, you won’t have to worry about how to get home. We think this is one of the best date night ideas for these challenging times!

Celebrate Your Best Valentine’s Day

Is Valentine’s Day ruined if you can’t go to your favorite restaurant? I’ll admit that this can be a tough one, but if you really can’t go, a shift in attitude will make all the difference. Is there really a “right place” to have Valentine’s Day if you’re with the person you love? As long as you’re together, that’s all that matters. 

How can you celebrate at home? One idea is to combine some of the ideas above into one jam-packed day. For example, you could take a scenic drive, grab ingredients to make something delicious together, and enjoy wine tastings during a spa day. 
My love language is food, so the romantic meal has to take center stage. One idea for the main course is fondue. You can easily grab a fondue pot to share an indulgent meal (grab a raclette to enjoy grilled veggies and meat, too!). The worst part is that you’ll have to wash your own dishes, but the best part is that you’ll be making memories at home.

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